Northgate Estate, N1 – Paarden Eiland : Positioned strategically on the N1 near Paarden Eiland and the CBD, lies Northgate Estate.

Combined with the Northgate Island Retail Centre, this multi-tenanted exclusive development caters for all shopping needs, covering products in the renovating, lifestyle, building and home improvement sectors.

Available space is at a premium and 85% of Northgate Estate is fully developed, with the balance currently under construction and due for completion before the end of 2012.

Northgate has become the chosen destination for National household brands such as Builders Warehouse, Tafelberg Furnishers, Bathroom Bizarre, Italtile, Fielli, Arora Lights etc.

New Premises Under Construction: Three new developments are currently under construction at Northgate Estate. Available retail space varies from 250 sm to 1200 sm, or combinations thereof. Interested parties are invited to contact the writer for relevant details regarding precise location, rental figures and completion dates.


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